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Feb 4, 2019


Proteios SE is a multi-user platform for analysis and management of proteomics data.

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Latest release

The latest stable release of Proteios is 2.3. We supply both tar.gz and zip packages from the Download page.


Head over to the Proteios Extension site and learn how to develop your own extensions making the Proteios Software Environment even better.


Manual | Developers | Specification | Notes on proteios 1.x

Mailing lists

proteios-discuss subscribe/unsubscribe archive

This list is the right place to ask questions about Proteios. It is also supposed to be a forum for discussion about desired features, comparison with other software, and so on. For several reasons, posting is restricted to subscribers only.

proteios-developers subscribe/unsubscribe archive

This list is for discussions about Proteios development. For several reasons, posting is restricted to subscribers only.

proteios-announce subscribe/unsubscribe archive

This is a low-traffic moderated list and will only be used for announcements regarding Proteios, for instance when a new version is released.


Proteios is an open source project and available for free under the GNU General Public License version 2.

Proteios 1

Looking for Proteios 1.x? Go to the Proteios 1.x web site, but note that we do not actively support versions prior to 2.0.